27 February 2022

MI SO TASTY - Silken Tofu Miso Soup by @NLi10

I like Japanese food, but I don't really like mushrooms.  This means I tend to avoid things that use them as the ingredients in large ways.

I do like Miso soup though - even though I understand that Real Dashi contains mushrooms.  I blame my time as a teenager in the Japan Cultural Centre near Totenham Court Road buying the cheap Miso soup with fish food (tempura batter flakes) as it was the only way I could eat there.

Aged mushroom water - yum...

You get some cubes, & some paste

And you get a nice hot drink for a Feb evening starter before dinner.  Just the right amount of salty and tangy and umami and 'mouthfulness'.  Great split between two as a starter, or you could probably have one solo as an alternative to a nice cup of tea.

Have to bring your own flakes, but this tastes pretty darn close to the real deal!

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