15 February 2022

Maltesers - Popcorn Flavour (GB Gifts) By @Cinabar

Maltesers - Popcorn Flavour

I’m honestly not sure how I feel about having flavoured varieties of Maltesers. The malty goodness inside is already spot on and the idea of adding a blast of some strong taste seems counterintuitive. This new Maltesers Popcorn Flavour is a limited edition in Australia and I have to admit did sound like it might work, the flavour sounds mild enough to maybe not overpower the malt. I couldn’t resist picking up a bag from the import shop to find out.

I opened up the bag and the aroma was a mega blast of popcorn. I might well have been wrong about it being a gentle flavour. I could barely pick up on the smell of chocolate, never mind the malt. I cautiously gave one a try and the flavour did not match the smell. These were regular Maltesers except for the fact they were dripping in butter taste and had a gentle hint of popcorn. I spent some time trying to decide if it was too much or whether I liked them. They were sweet buttery, malty bursts of flavour. This decision process went on until the bag was empty. I think that might be my answer right there.

Maltesers - Popcorn Flavour


zeddy said...

Those artificial flavours can be quite off-putting.
I tried the M&Ms Hubba-Bubba flavour.

Reminded me of nail varnish remover.

cinabar said...

Agreed - sometimes you just don't need the added flavour. Those bubblegum M&Ms were truly weird. I do love most M&Ms though :-D