12 February 2022

Northern Monk Mangoes on the Run Beer (Morrisons) By @SpectreUK

Northern Monk Mangoes on the Run Beer

The name of this Northern Monk mango pale ale rings a bell. I thought I'd written about it before. However Mangoes on the Run was a limited edition mango infused pale ale by Innis & Gunn. This Northern Monk Twist Edition of the same ilk is 5.4% in volume and was brewed in collaboration with Drew Millward.

I'd say that Cinabar bought this Northern Monk mango pale ale just to torture me much like the Innis & Gunn offering, but I actually bought this beer myself. Mainly because I couldn't remember disliking it. I know that it was rather busy in flavours, especially with herbal hops and mango fruitiness, which should go well with my fried chicken, smiley faces and salad in a while. I never really grow up, in fact I swore when I was twelve that I never would, so smiley faces and alphabet potatoes are a must on the odd occasion.

On opening this Mangoes on the Run there was a familiar fruity mango aroma with herbal hops right behind it. This cloudy pale golden ale poured with a quickly disappearing head. On first taste this mango India Pale Ale has a fruitiness from the mango that is almost juice like in strength, the herbal hops struggled to shine through here, and then a little sweet malts into the aftertaste. 

This Mangoes on the Run had a slightly different flavour to it than the original Innis & Gunn. To be honest I'm still not sure I liked either, mainly because I don't like mangoes, well, asides mango chutney with a good curry. I just simply can never seem to eat enough of that.

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