19 February 2022

Thornbridge Bliss Point Pale Ale (Sainsburys) By @SpectreUK

Thornbridge Bliss Point Hazy American Pale

I'm sure we'd all like to reach our bliss point when drinking or eating something. The bliss of an ingredient that makes a drink or snack taste amazeballs. Well, this Bliss Point is a modern take on an American Pale Ale by Thornbridge Brewery.

The back of the can states that the mixture of four hops, which are ; Cascade, Simcoe, Azacca, and Citra, is slightly more 'mellowed' in strength than a more traditional American Pale. At 5% in volume Bliss Point is sported as having a hazy colour, with a pineapple and tangerine aroma, and has an orange citrus flavour to it. I'm hoping this American Pale Ale will go well with my takeaway Chinese sticky ribs and Pork Yuk Sung later on, which generally reaches a bliss point all on its own.

On opening the can of Bliss Point there was a fruity citrus aroma. The back of the can states that this smell should also be reminiscent of dragon fruit, which I admit I have no idea how that smells, and also mango. To me there was an aroma of orange and a little mango on popping open the can. They could have said "fruit of the never never land" for as much as I know about dragon fruit apart from the fact that it likes to rest in Dwarf gold hoards.

Bliss Point is indeed a bright misty shining golden pint of fizzy beer. It's definitely got a strong citrus tropical fruity aroma, with a heavy scent of orange and tangerine to it, with a little mango and perhaps some pineapple. On taste the orange and tangerine flavours in Bliss Point almost exploded in my mouth. These two flavours tumbled over the mild bitter hops again and again. Bliss Point certainly washed down my Chinese meal very well indeed.

Bliss Point is a triumph for honest beer brewers and orange pale ale connoisseurs. The flavour explodes with orange and tangerine right from the start, merging with the light bitterness from the tropical hops and finishing on a sweetness from the pale malts into the aftertaste. I'd certainly have a can of Bliss Point again with any kind of spicy meal and Chinese takeaway.

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