10 February 2022

Cocoba - Eat, Drink, Love : Hot Chocolate Bombes with Marshmallows by @Nli10

For Christmas we got a lot of hot chocolate themed presents - including these big chocolate Bombes from Cocoba. 

The idea is simple - pop it in a mug - nuke some milk - pour one over the other.

Stirring is crucial!

Hot milk - pour it on and...

Ah. Damn it.  Lets give it a poke.

Hot Chocolate! With floaty marshmallows.

And it's decently luxurious too - the chocolate has a little bit of a speckled tendency due to the way it needs to melt but its a decent quality and something I'm certainly keen to do again.

It's also good for teaching me the correct portion of marshmallows is around a third of what I'd usually add.

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