18 July 2010

Mystery Ice Lemon Tea {by @Nli10} (Spar @Birmingham University)

Mystery Ice Lemon Tea
I've had this bottle sitting on my cluttered desk for a while, not quite knowing how to review a drink that I can't name. I spotted the website www.myicetea.com.cn on the bottle, but the whole site is in what I am presuming to be chinese. There is a really good video (click on the giant bottle) showing that people that drink this tea become rock stars, but the only english it contains is "come on lets go" and "superhero" so I've decided this can be called Superhero Iced Tea. The site also shows a green flavour which I'd like to try.

Even without the benefit of being able to read the bottle you can tell Superhero Iced Tea is similar to the Singapore Tea that I reviewed before and made from brewed tea and not powdered tea like seemingly all the British versions. This means it has a superior flavour and actually tastes like tea. The lemon is quite subtle and maybe a little artificial, but blends really well with the rest of the ingredients to give a really good flavour.

On my last trip to the Spar I only thought to pick up one of these to try out (at 490 ml it's quite a big drink) so am going to have return to stock up. Since the international shop at Birmingham Uni has closed the Spar next door has branched out into quite a few of these international drinks and while some are fairly plain this one truly lives up to it's superhero name. I will try a few more when I hand my assignment in and report back.

If anyone can actually translate what this is called please leave a note in the comments - thanks!!

by @Nli10


jcafarley said...

The name of the product is:

'Master Kang Iced Black Tea.'

As for the homepage it basically says this:

On the top left the text says:

'Master Kang' which is the company name.

Next to it, it just says 'iced black tea'

The bit underneath that has a line under it says 'very cold/cool'

The guy holding the bottle is a singer from Taiwan, his name is Tao Zhe. The text that's flashing next to him says something like 'charming ice tea, I like it the most.'

Below the options are:

homepage / activities, please wait, coming soon / brand zone.

NLi10 said...

Wow - thanks for the info much appreciated!

If it's good enough for Tao Zhe then it's good enough for me!