6 July 2010

Caramel Frappe Dessert (Marks and Spencer)

Never say never. Well actually I said “last” in the context of this statement: “This is the last of the new desserts in M&S” when I was referring to the Walnut Whip pudding. I was wrong, because I’m pleased to announce I have found another one, this Caramel Frappe!
This dessert mimics in packaging and name at least a posh take-out coffee. There isn’t actually any coffee in this pudding, just a butterscotch mousse, caramel, cream and cinnamon.
The cream, caramel and cinnamon went well together, but I was aware that the cinnamon in mine was quite strong, and was rather a heavy dusting. All the same the rich flavours worked nicely together and I enjoyed the first half of my dessert.
When I got down as far as the second half, the butterscotch mousse, I found it to be absolutely dreamy. It had a lovely sweet butterscotch taste, and had a lovely light consistency. It was such a good flavour; I really would have loved a pure dessert made just out of it! Sadly the cinnamon kept re-appearing and slightly altering the taste. I like cinnamon, but this butterscotch layer was yum, and just didn’t need it at all, it deserved to be eaten on its own. I would certainly buy this again, but if M&S bought out a whole post of pure butterscotch mousse I’d be in heaven!


Anonymous said...

butterscotch mousse coming out in new year!

Anonymous said...

Tried it - Soooooooooooooooooo sweet

cinabar said...

Never underestimate my sweet tooth :-)