4 July 2010

Final Pretz Round-up {by @Nli10} [Pizza /Double Chocolate/ Apple / Shrimp](Various stores)

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Ah Pretz.

I've had a carrier bag of these sitting around now for what seems like ages. It seemed a good idea at the time to grab 10 or so boxes and try all the different flavours to see what they were like. Over time I've come to realise my folly - even the odd flavoured ones are compulsive eating which means that once I start I keep on eating them until way past the point at which I should have stopped.

Only 4 remain - and it's quite a balanced meal as far as Pretz goes.

For starters I have the apple Pretz. Oddly these are in a resealable package and much thinner than the regular Pretz. I think this may be a variation on the styles to reflect that apples are something you might want to eat out and about. They are delightfully crunchy and have a hint of cinnamon too them making the experience like eating cold, weakly flavoured apple pies in a stick form. The smell of the bag wasn't great but I still ate 5 or 6 to get the flavour down and as usual by this point I was quite happy to keep munching away. Not as classic as the Tomato flavour (from a previous review and still my favourite and best).

Next up was the Pizza flavour (or za for any scrabble players out there). I had been expecting a cheese and tomato flavour for these, and I don't really like cheese. A quick check on the back revealed that this was a chilli pizza flavour snack - suggesting spicy cheese. In reality it's just a flat spicy flavour with maybe a bit of the familiar pretz onion taste about it. Not as nice as the curry flavour ones, but still very much edible.

Third up is the pack that I regretted buying. Shrimp. To me this is like considering sea-monkeys as a legitimate food source. Things that eat shrimps are food, in the same way that things that eat land based insects are food. I have been trying to tell myself that it's just their way of packaging up prawn cocktail - those lovely pink bags that Walkers sell and I happily eat because they are essentially just thousand island dressing - and not a little box of sea-bugs Pretz. In a rush to head out for the day and get this trial over with I opened the package and took a big bite. It tastes like a fish market, all prawns and little bits of unidentifiable fish all mingling together. Due to the nature of Pretz I managed to finish the stick, but have no intention of ever eating a second one. Not as repulsive as the corn flavour, but really not that far off.

I immediately opened the remaining pudding flavour of double choc. These are ok, but chocolate is really one of those flavours that doesn't work synthetically. These are similar to the other double Pretz and have a hint of coffee about them. So a nice end to the meal really - I ate a few to rid myself of the fish.

Overall I will probably buy more Pretz - but I will stick to the sweet flavours like apple, and those that actually make sense as breadsticks like overall champion Tomato.
by @Nli10

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