20 July 2010

Kettle Chips - [New] Smoky Barbecue [Crisps] (Waitrose)

It seems a while since I last wrote about a new flavour of Kettle Chips, and it is always nice to find a limited edition flavour. As the weather seems to have a turned a little, it seems appropriate to have these Smoky Barbecue crisps while inside watching the TV with the raining beating at the window.
I have to say I was seriously impressed by the flavour of these crisps, they have a lovely strong smoky edge that really works well, and a second sweet barbecue flavour mixed in too. The taste isn’t dissimilar to that wonderful red sauce you get basted onto barbecue chicken wings or ribs at places like Chiquitos. This is such a fab flavour for a bag of crisps, they really didn’t last long at all. Smoky yet tangy and sweet, these are perfectly balanced in flavour.
They are well worth trying and I really enjoyed them, in fact they are some of the best Summer edition crisps I’ve tried! Absolutely yummy!!!

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