12 July 2010

Orange Chilli [60%] Chocolate (South Devon Chilli Farm)

This rather wonderful bag of dark chocolate was purchased Devon from the South Devon Chilli Farm where they grow chillies and make their own chocolate. They also make a wonderful range of chilli sauces, and other flavoured chilli chocolates. I have to say a big thanks to one of my work colleagues for very kindly bringing this back from Devon for everyone in the office to try.
Inside this large bag were two thin bars of dark glossy chocolate. I cautiously broke myself a corner of the chocolate and let the flavour melt into my mouth. The first thing I noticed were the rich cocoa tones, set off perfectly by the sweet orange oil, then gradually a heat built up in my mouth, and the chilli kicked in. It was a fair bit stronger than I expected, but well balanced because the fruity orange tones took the edge off and made the combination of flavours work perfectly.
I have had chilli chocolate that burns beyond reason, and some where the chilli is unnoticeable. Thankfully this is a very clever bar, with a good chilli kick, which is manageable because of the fruit flavours and the lovely rich cocoa base.

Amazon has recently started selling groceries - I'm please to tell you this wonderful chocolate can now be purchased from them: South Devon Chilli Farm Chilli Chocolate Orange - 100g

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