1 July 2010

Ferrero Maracuja Yogurette [Passion fruit] Chocolate (Germany)

Well I would like to start with a big thank you to Franzi from Tasty-Limited-Edition for sending me this as part of a chocolate swap. I was totally overwhelmed by all the fabulous goodies she sent me, and am looking forward to writing about them over the coming weeks. Thank you!
This particular fruity chocolate is made by Ferrero, but it is not one I’ve seen before even in the import shops here in the UK. The milk chocolate coating is rippled, and has a decent thickness and flavour. It is quite sweet tasting, creamy and milky and complements the filling well. The Yoghurt section has quite an intense flavour, very fruity, but a sharp taste mixed with a creamy yoghurt base with a bitter edge. It is a rather complex flavour for a filling, but is mellowed perfectly by the chocolate coating, and was an absolutely lovely taste sensation.
It is always nice to see fruit fillings made with tropical fruits, particularly in Summer! Although if this is a Limited Edition in the range, it makes me wonder what the regular flavours are?

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Anne said...

There is just one regular flavour - strawberry. There have been several limited editions in the past years, forest fruit, blackberry and lime for example, if I remember correctly. Have tried some in the past but often found them too sweet and artificial tasting. Did not have the regular one in ages either but do remember liking it. There's a review of the marajuca one on a German blog and they also found that it is quite good, better than the limited editions of past years.