23 July 2010

Tropical Chewy Lemonhead (CyberCandy)

Last week Spectre wrote about Maynard’s Fruit Duos, where every sweet has two flavours. This must be a summer thing, because within this box of Lemonheads each sweet also has two fruit tastes mixed together. I have written about regular Lemonheads last year, but this is the first time I’ve seen Tropical double flavoured ones.
There are five varieties in the box:-

Green: Kiwi – Strawberry
This one had a very strong strawberry taste. Sadly the kiwi was barely noticeable to me, but overall it still a nice strawberry flavour.

Orange: Peach – Mango
This had lots of peach flavour, with a decent hit of mango at the end. I felt that it had a proper tropical taste, and was a really nice sweet flavour. Really loved this one.

Blue: Berry – Banana
The blue sweet had a clever flavour, firstly there is a really tart blueberry blast, and then a lovely smooth soft banana flavour that follows and sort of balances the taste out.

Red: Cherry – Watermelon
There was a lovely sharp cherry coating on the red sweet, and when chewed watermelon shines through. Out of the two tastes the cherry is the most dominant flavour, but the milder watermelon has a distinct taste at the end. A nice refreshing sweet.

Pink: Pink Lemonade – Lemonade
Is this really two fruit flavours in one sweet? I mean, sure lemonade is refreshing but it’s not a ‘tropical fruit’ as such! Also Lemonade and Pink Lemonade as two separate tropical fruit flavours is a bit of a stretch! Having said that the sweet itself has a lovely lemony taste, which has both a hint of sweet and a hint of sour, and it did make a really nice sweet.

Generally speaking there were a good mix of flavours in the box, and they made a nice treat. I do like the mix of fruits, and like how you genuinely get one fruit flavour followed by the other and not some unidentifiable fruit medley. The only disappointment was that they weren’t quite as zingy as regular Lemonheads.

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