19 July 2010

Starburst Gummi Bursts [USA] (Cybercandy)

It is not often I open a bag of sweets and am disappointed. However as I tipped out the contents of this bag I couldn’t help but sigh. Not just because there was only ten sweets in the whole bag, yes the entire contents is pictured, but because something else was missing. Within the bag there were only three colours of sweets, and according to the packet, there should have been four. There were no strawberry sweets included in my bag – d'oh.
As for the colours I did have, each consisted of a soft jelly shell, and when chewed they burst and released a juicy flavoured liquid.

Red (Cherry)
This one had a very strong slightly sour cherry flavour, which became even more intense when bitten and was almost almond flavoured in places.

Orange (Orange)
This had rather a sweet flavour, it was a sort of a sugary orange taste. I have a rather sweet tooth so have to give this the thumbs up.

Yellow (Lemon)
This was another sweet one, like lemon with a hint of honey, making it a seriously summer sweet, and absolutely lovely.

Unknown Colour (Strawberry)
Did I mention there were NONE of these in the bag for me to try? Oh, I did already.

In conclusion I found these sweets to have lovely strong refreshing flavours, and I liked the way they burst. They are definitely worth a re-purchase, especially as I want to know what the strawberry flavour tastes like!!

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