17 July 2010

St. Helier Real Lager Shandy [By Spectre] (Morrisons)

Recovering alcoholics and designated drivers never need to completely despair as there is always light beer or shandy to give you a hint of what you're missing. Okay, light beers never have that true bite a normal beer usually has and shandy is normally too sweet or fizzy to give you a true beer taste, but at least you can drink as much Shandy Bass or light beer as you like and still drive or not feel guilty when you talk over your problems at your next "meeting". Shandy Bass has a stronger beer taste to it than the sweeter shandy varieties such as, Ben Shaws or Schweppes. St. Helier's offering has a mild sweetness of lemonade as well as a noticeable bite from the stronger lager. This is due to the sacrifice of alcohol volume at 3.5%, with two thirds of the bottle being lager and one third lemonade. So you should be able to have one of these if you're a designated driver, then its back to Cokes and looking awkward whilst your mates flail drunk around you. It's bad news for recovering alcoholics though. When someone says "Real Lager Shandy" to me it always reminds me of my bar keeping days way back when I was a student for the first time. Mixing Shandy with lager is a bad idea. The fizz from the lager and the fizz from the lemonade have an explosive combination. Apart from a couple of moments of impressive vocal clarity, I was quite surprised to find this brew wasn't three thirds bubbles. This lager shandy does give you the feeling that you've walked into an upmarket pub and ordered a draft lager shandy, rather than a supermarket can or bottle that lets you drink as much as you like, but not saver the feeling of drinking shandy how it's supposed to be.
By Spectre

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