2 July 2010

Walnut Classic Whip Dessert (Marks and Spencer)

This is the last of the new desserts in M&S that I have found, and one that I was looking forward to trying the most. It is a pretty layered dessert mixed with a chocolate sections and white chocolate. The thing about proper Walnut Whips is that they may well have the name of a nut in their title, but in reality it doesn’t do much more than decorate the top!
As expected under the lid there was indeed a half walnut chunk adorning the top. The chocolate part of this pudding consists of sauce and it was rich, sweet and full of flavour. It is quite a thick sauce, with a good strong flavour. The white mousse underneath had a lovely taste, creamy vanilla tones, white chocolate and the flavour of mallow. Absolutely lovely, and rather like a light airy version of the filling of a regular Walnut Whip. Underneath this white layer is another layer of chocolate sauce, so that your parting mouthful delivers a scrummy cocoa hit. This is a fabulous dessert, and my favourite of all those I’ve tried.


Unknown said...

Looks mighty fine to me Cin. I might have to pay a little trip to M&S this weekend :D

Brill said...

This review was so good it made me want a Walnut Whip, pronto!