8 July 2010

Ritter Sport [Forest Fruits Yoghurt] Waldbeer Joghurt (Germany)

I would like to start by saying a big thank you to Franzi from Limited Edition for very kindly sending me this lovely bar to try. Ritter Sport is a big brand over in Germany, but it is one of those things that is quite hard to get here in the UK. The import shops often stock a few, but this Limited Edition is quite a find, so thank you!
I love the fact that Ritter decided to make square bars, not oblong, really makes them stand out. I have no idea why all the UK bars are practically the same shape, possibly to make it easier to put on the shelves?
This particular bar has a milk chocolate coating and a forest fruits filling. The filling was lovely and refreshing, it was sweet and fruity, filled with loads of mixed berries flavour. Strawberry and blackcurrants shone through the most, but it was a lovely berry medley. Also within the soft filling are little crispy pieces of berry flavour crystals, with add zing and texture. The milk chocolate is rich and soothing, making this a lovely summer bar. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and looking forward to trying the other wonderful things sent from Germany!


SilentAngel said...

:) I am so happy to see that u liked it!

cinabar said...

Thanks so much for sending them :-) Really appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

Found a good range of Ritter Sport at this online shop:


There is a new Winter collection as well.

cinabar said...

Oh my - Ritter Sport Advent Calendar - me want!