3 July 2010

Keltic Whiskied Ale [By Spectre] (Morrison's)

Just a quick look on Google showed this is not the only whisky ale on the market. At 7% volume, 1488 is claimed to be a unique brew from the Tullibardine Distillery, Perthshire, Scotland. I guess it’s not unique anymore. I’ve seen video clips of big tough looking men dropping short glasses of whisky into pints of beer before. I’ve always wondered what it may taste like. Now I like beer, as regular readers may know, but I’ve never been too keen on spirits. I like a shot of Rum and Black at Christmas time, if Cinabar permits me… and when pigs dance across a blue moonlit sky!
My usual apprehension hit me before opening the bottle. Tough guys with short glasses tapping their noses as they down their whisky fuelled pints aside, this sounds like a downright bad idea. Spirit chasers between pints are a quick way to get completely bladdered (I should know, I lost a first date from it once… I’ll tell you when I know you better), but mixing a spirit with a pint sounds like a quick way to sticking your head down a toilet. At the very least drinking large amounts of whisky spiked ale should give you a slurred Scottish accent by the end of the evening. Perhaps that should be a warning on the back of the bottle? *WARNING – MAY MAKE YOU SICK WITH A SCOTTISH ACCENT*.
Okay, okay… I’m babbling, I’ll open the bottle. Expecting a strong aroma of whisky on opening, I must admit I was slightly disappointed as no spirited whiff assaulted my nostrils. On tasting the brew I bathed in a good strong ale taste, but where was the whisky? At no point during the drinking of this pint did I feel like losing my underwear, donning a tartan skirt and charging around a misty, blood and limb strewn field, whilst waving around a claymore and shouting “FREEDOM!!” If you close your eyes and imagine really hard you could believe that this bottle of ale may have stood on a shelf next to a bottle of whisky at some point before drinking. At 4.5% volume, I take it this is the slightly wussy version of the previously mentioned 1488. I’ve decided to hunt this scarier sounding whisky ale down. I’ll let you know when I pick one up, paint my face blue and find out if my underpants can fly off the top of a tall building!
By Spectre

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