16 July 2010

Pokka [Canned] Japanese Green Tea (Waitrose)

As the weather has been so hot, we have been having an above average number of barbecues this year. I have been looking for the perfect liquid refreshment to go with the wonderful feast that Spectre cooks. Obviously there is a lot of meat and food in general involved, so the idea of having a detoxing iced green tea was quite appealing. That way I could kid myself that the drink was somehow making up for all the excess food! If nothing else the green tea has a zero calorie count per serving, which would certainly help!
Cracking open the can I felt that the tea was flavoursome and surprisingly strong in taste. When I make green tea fresh I always make it milder than this, but then it isn’t so strong that it is off putting. There are the usual leafy flavours, but with a pleasant nutty edge, and a very slight bitter tone to finish. Ultimately it was a very refreshing can of tea, and lovely on a hot summer’s day. If you are a green tea fan I thoroughly recommend it, I just hope the weather provides some more barbecue sunshine again soon.

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Unknown said...

It was seved to me at a Japanese restaurant. It was great. Does anyone know where I can buy it??
I live in Boston.