10 July 2010

Irish stew flavour Walkers Crisps [By Spectre]

Personally I’m used to eating beef stews, which I suspect is a more traditional English stew. Therefore I was surprised to find that a traditional Irish stew consists of lamb chops, as well as potatoes, carrots, onions, thyme, parsley, Worcestershire Sauce and Pearl Barley. I’ve always found a nice pint of beer or two goes well with a beef stew, but Irish tradition beckoned and I switched to a lovely pint of Guinness to sample with these crisps. Having said that, Cook UK claims Irish stew was initially consumed by poor people, so they would only be able to afford lamb for the meat, and Guinness was “beyond their means”. Oh well, I’m almost certain that Guinness isn’t beyond most Irish stew fan’s means these days.
I broke open three bags of Irish stew flavoured Walkers Crisps, marvelling at their meaty smell. I made myself a cheese and ham sandwich with lashings of Beer Mustard and sat down to the classic black and white naval movie; “Above Us the Waves.” As I tucked into the crisps I could tell there was certainly a meat flavour, but it tasted more beefy than lamb. There was certainly a hint of herbs and a touch of onions. You could imagine sitting in a darkened pub sipping your favourite stout, eating a nice meaty stew with carrots and potatoes bobbing up and down in wholesome wet gravy, whilst listening to light Irish folk music. The crisps themselves went superbly with the Guinness. The hearty stout complimented the flavour of the crisps, and the predominantly meaty onion flavour of the crisps complimented the Guinness. Asides the traditional lamb issue, these crisps should preferably be eaten with a good stout rather than beer, and even though the band of naval divers didn’t quite manage to do what they set out to achieve, the film was a ripping yarn and well worth a watch. The next black and white naval war movie I sit down to, I’ll try several more bags and at the very least a four pack of stout!
By Spectre


Dreich said...

Really enjoyed these, thanks to Cinabar for sending some up.

Spectre said...

These are really good flavoured crisps and go well with a hearty stout. Thanks again for sending down the Scottish Haggis flavour.