7 July 2010

Wham XTRM [Super Sour] Tongue Tingling Sherbet Dip with Blackcurrant Lollipop (By Spectre)

FACT: One of my favourite sweets of all time is Barrat’s Sherbet Dip Dab with a strawberry flavoured lollipop. Every Dip Dab I’ve had in the past has resulted in much white powder covering various pieces of my clothing, making me look like a druggie with a bad nervous twitch. I’ll drop the stuff off the lollipop whilst in transit to my face, miss my mouth and dump the sherbet (that’s not a euphemism) all over my shirt and trousers, or otherwise cough or sneeze sherbet in every direction. This type of sweet has caused much hilarity in the past, especially if someone else gets covered in sherbet and not me. Therefore this Wham Super Sour sherbet with a Blackcurrant flavour lollipop has a lot to live up to. It’s presented in a plastic packet, rather than the scary paper packet of Barrat’s Dip Dab, which starts to dissolve after the wet lolly is pressed into service over a period of time. On opening I was slightly disappointed by the ungenerous amount of sherbet at the bottom of the packet. I also noticed that the sherbet was stickier in substance, rather than the powdered sherbet of the Dip Dab. No coughing or sneezing vast gouts of sherbet in all directions here. The sherbet also stuck fast to the blackcurrant lolly, even when dry, so no danger of dropping any over my clothing either. There’s a light pleasing sour sensation when you lick the sherbet off the lolly. Nothing to make your face contort, but it adds to the sour blackcurrant flavour in the lolly. The strong flavour of the lolly combined with the subtle sour sherbet make an excellent combination. It feels more of an adult sweet snack, as the original dangers of the Dip Dab has been removed, though at a sacrifice of quantity of sherbet. The lolly lasted a lot longer than the sherbet, whereas when eating a Dip Dab, the lolly disappears pretty fast and is replaced by my less than tasty finger. Well, depending on where it’s been beforehand!
By Spectre

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