24 July 2010

Mars Extra Choc Refuel [By Spectre] (The 99p Store)

I do like a good chocolate milkshake. They can make a nice sweet pudding when you don't want to eat anything else after a big meal or they can be refreshing when watching a late night film before bed. I'd had a huge bowl of Tai Tom Yum Soup (it was supposed to feed four people) whilst watching The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and didn't fancy eating anything else. I do like to have a carton of Mars Refuel in the fridge for moments like this, but we'd picked this Extra Choc one up a few days before and it seemed like the best opportunity to give it a go. As opposed to the Mars Refuel's red and black packaging, the Extra Choc has brown and black packaging. So I was expecting an extra cocoa punch from this milkshake. On the packaging it proudly states 2% fat, which sounded fairly healthy. It also mentioned on the 310ml plastic bottle that "Once open refrigerate and consume within 3 days". "Pah!" I thought, "If it's anything like Mars red and black it won't last five minutes!" Now I'm going to take a quick digressive rant on plastic bottles at this point. Okay, so in most places we recycle plastic these days, but wouldn't it be nice just to forsake plastic drinks bottles that are more likely to end up littering some far off beach somewhere tropical or breaking down and getting stuck in some seabird's stomach? What happened to good old dependable glass? We have a never ending supply of sand to make it! Anyway, the wrapper also states that cyclists can do 50% more on a regular workout than after drinking specialist sports drinks and 40% more exercise than when drinking isotonic sports drinks. Well, I was watching a film that is 40% longer than most other films and besides, I'm sure my electrolytes and carbohydrates weren't going to complain from an extra dose. After unscrewing and peeling back the foil top on the bottle I took a big swig and washed the brown liquid around my mouth. I must admit, I didn't particularly receive an extra cocoa hit from drinking this. In fact quiet the opposite. Do you remember those naff old yoghurts that claimed to be chocolate flavoured way back when? People used to eat them in some vain hope that they'd taste of actual chocolate. It's a disastrous milky plastic taste that never truly leaves your palate. The Mars Extra Refuel is bordering on that taste. It almost abandons chocolate flavour altogether as you drink more and more and is a betrayal to chocolate milkshake fans. Okay, so that's a bit strong, but I'm not allowed to swear on this blog! At least I received some extra energy to go and do the washing up...
By Spectre

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