15 July 2010

Olives with Lemon Chocolate Bar (Zotter)

Zotter are famed for having some unusual flavour combinations. They put a lot of thought into new and strange ideas and as such, are a brand that rather appeals to me.
This particular bar combines lemon and olive. Lemon and chocolate isn’t the most popular flavour, but I have seen it in the past, although never with added olive! In fact, not sure I have ever reviewed an olive and chocolate bar before either!
The outer chocolate is a lovely rich dark 60% cocoa, that really sets of the filling. The central part has a rather zingy lemon flavour, followed by tones of savoury spices and salt. It is a complex taste, where lemon is obviously present, but I couldn’t categorically say I’d be able to identify the olive as being ‘olive’, but there is definitely a bit of something else mixed in. The more I ate of this bar, the more I enjoyed it.
The strong flavour of the filling works well, the salt, sharp lemon and rich chocolate all mingled together and made it a lovely taste bud experience. Well worth tracking down if you can find it!

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