27 July 2010

New Weetabix Chocolate (Sainsburys)

When I have Weetabix I have to confess to sprinkling a little sugar on the top, or sometimes also chopping up a banana to add some extra sweetness. So I was rather delighted to find a pre-sweetened chocolate Weetabix for sale on the shelves of the supermarket.
I say pre-sweetened, but I should point out that the box claims that it still has “half the sugar of the average chocolate flavoured breakfast cereal”. This to me is a good thing, I don’t want an overly sweet breakfast cereal, just something that doesn’t taste plain.
The picture on the box shows a brown coloured Weetabix, speckled with numerous chocolate drops, sadly my own Weetabix seemed to have less. The flavour was unmistakably cocoa based though, despite it being a more mature dark taste, and not that sweet overall. Having said that, I did not feel the need to add any extra sugar/fruit at all.
I liked the cocoa overtones, and the extra sweetness that appears when you find a chocolate drop. The flavours were well balanced and the cereal is thoroughly enjoyable. It is a long way off being as sweet as other chocolate cereals, so I wonder what the regular purchasers of Cocoa Pops etc will make of it.


Dreich said...

I've never been a big Weetabix fan, only really remember having it at primary school when we used it at Easter to make bird nests.

Along with the new Krave and Crunchy nut clusters with chocolate there seems to be a growing market for these kinds of breakfast cereals although most students use them as dinner and lunch too. I can't help but think it's just adding to the problem in the UK of obesity. Yes kids don't like eating breakfast, I know I never did, maybe the odd bit of toast every now and then but nothing substantial, with that said though is adding chocolate to them a good idea?

I know I'm missing the point sadly, companies want to make money not help the nation.

I do like chocolate, I'm not an evil chocolate hater.

cinabar said...

I do agree with you. Sugar does seem to be a larger than necessary ingredient in a lot of cereals. I'm not going to pretend that I don't like chocolate flavoured cereals though - but have to say Weetabix have at least added 'less' sugar. In fact the box states that two 'biscuits' have just 156 calories, which really isn't so bad.

I have no excuse though for the other boxes I buy! :-D