22 July 2010

Pita Chips: Cinnamon Sugar @New_York_Style (Harvey Nichols)

Crisps are usually a savoury thing. There seems to be a healthy theme running through the snacking world at the minute, and more and more baked snacks are appearing on the shelves. These aren’t the first pitta chips I’ve tried, but they are the first sweet non-savoury ones!
The flavour within the bag wasn’t evenly distributed; some of the chips had a tiny hint of coating and others offered and wonderfully strong flavour. The taste is that of brown sugar and cinnamon and went really well with the chip. Think of them as a sort of popcorn alternative, as I shared and munched these watching a film. The good thing about them is that they are baked, not fried, and so have 60% less fat. I found that they were also tasty and quite filling, which meant I had less of these than I would have, compared to crisps for example.
These are a really decent snack - I just have to get it out of my head, that they are not a breakfast cereal, and they don’t need milk adding!

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