11 July 2010

Wonka Rainbow Nerds (USA via Cyber Candy) {by @Nli10}

When a product states on the back of the box that it "may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children" you know that you are on to a winner!

This is a bumper 170g box of the old children's favourite from the early 90s Nerds. The flavours/colours are all mixed together and flow freely within the box so it took a couple of pourings out to even find the Orange ones, but I'm guessing that all are equally represented inside.

I think the pink ones are raspberry, the purple is either some kind of melon or grape, the orange ones I'm pretty sure are orange or tangerine, the yellow ones are vaguely lemony and the green ones are maybe watermelon? They are all sour. Not destructively so, just tart enough to give the taste-buds a work out, but enough to confuse the brain over the flavours. It's a nice sensation though and as in my teenage days these are a pleasure to eat. Crunching them up is a fairly unsatisfying affair, but allowing them to melt as the flavours mingle is truly magical and one of the reasons I'm a much bigger fan of sweets/candy than chocolate.

I'm not sure on the massive box though. Not only does the packaging make the colours look more muted than the versions in my memory, but I think the OCD sweet consumer in me would rather have separate compartments for each flavour. This box is very much for sharing though and tipping a small pile into someone’s outstretched hand is a great experience and what Mr. Willy Wonka would have wanted. They even advertise that you can find the origins of Wonka in the book "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" on the back of the box - as if any child would have the attention span for books after all the wonderfully artificial colours and flavours these Nerds contain.
by @Nli10

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