5 July 2010

Carte Noir [Instant] Cappuccino

I drink a fair bit of instant coffee, and I’m not going to tell you for a second that it is nicer than fresh coffee because that’s not true. What it is though, is convenient. When I saw that this new “instant” cappuccino came in two sachets, both needing to be prepared separately, my first thought was that it sounded like rather a lot of effort for something made with the kettle.
The instructions are to make the milk part of the drink first. I added the powder to my mug and added 150ml of water. For the record 150ml of water is about a third of my mug, so I was a little surprised when the water frothed its way to the top, there were bubbles everywhere, it filled the whole thing! Amazing to watch too!

The coffee part only needed a spot of water, so I made it in an egg cup, it didn’t froth really, but it did mix up nice and easily.

I then added the coffee section to the milk and stirred.

I have to say it made one fine mug of cappuccino, lovely rich fresh tasting coffee with a milky aftertaste. It wasn't like drinking pure bubbles, it had the texture of gently frothed milk. It was totally enjoyable, both in flavour, and surprisingly easy to make as everything mixed so quickly and simply. This is a lovely product and one I hope to see in the shops very soon.

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