21 July 2010

Areo Caramel versus Mars Caramel [By Spectre] Foodstuff Fight (Cybercandy)

Cinabar picked up these two bars for me from CyberCandy. Now I have a slight obsession for Caramel chocolate as regular readers may recall after the Kit Kat Caramel controversy and the Milkway Caramel session. I have a love of all Caramel flavoured bars from Cadbury’s, with Cadbury’s Caramel Bar top of my league with its sweet caramel taste and milk chocolate heavenly flavour combined. The Wispa Gold is a close second, for the sweet runny caramel and soft texture that makes up the Wispa bar genius. Milkway Caramel is a close third with its generous filling of thick gooey caramel. I find Galaxy Caramel far too sweet and sickly to indulge in very often.
I had previously complained that the only thing wrong with the Milkway Caramel was the name. The image on the Mars Caramel wrapper of the broken chocolate bar with caramel oozing out looked much the same as the Milkway Caramel wrapper. On ripping open the wrapper I noticed the bar was roughly the same shape as its Milkway Caramel counterpart. On biting into the bar, I had much the same sensation as eating the Milkway Caramel… mainly because this is the same chocolate bar, just in a different wrapper with a different name. Actually, the name “Mars Caramel” was the original name I wanted for this bar, as it’s ram packed full of the same caramel that’s in Mars Bars. Therefore, I can’t really complain, this is a superb caramel bar and it does what it says on the wrapper. All confusion forgiven when they named it Milkway Caramel… just don’t expect anything different if you buy one of each!
Now Areo’s have always been a bit of a poor man’s Wispa to me, their never seem as light in texture or full in chocolate flavour as the Cadbury’s rival. Therefore I wasn’t expecting much of a fight from the Areo Caramel. On opening the wrapper I noticed the long slim bar was divided into bite-worthy chunks. Biting in I was surprised at how good this bar tasted. Roughly half and half helping, the bubbly Areo chocolate at the bottom of the bar works very well indeed with the gooey sweet caramel at the top. Nestle have really excelled themselves here, making a grand counter attack to the Wispa Gold. It certainly looks like I’ll have to reshuffle my list now and probably have a top five rather than a top three. Cadbury’s have taken an uppercut here and I can only hope that Nestle bring this bar out further in the UK, now that my favourite chocolate maker has foolishly taken Wispa Gold from our shopping shelves!
By Spectre


Ana said...

The Aero Caramel sounds really interesting :D I didn't even know they made such a product.

cinabar said...

The Aero Caramel is a fab bar, just wish it was a bit easier to find!