14 July 2010

Maynard's Limited Edition Fruit Duos (Asda) [By Spectre]

Ever since I was a child (all those many years ago...) I've always been partial to Maynard's Gums. Fairly recently I discovered Maynard's Sours and proclaimed them as one of my all time favourite sweets for tucking into whilst watching a film. I've never been bothered by Popcorn, I'd rather tuck into Fizzy Cola Bottles and Cherry Cola Bottles. These Maynard's Fruit Duos come in all different shapes and sizes. I first noted that Apple is same colour as Tangerine. They couldn't seem to have Apple as the same colour as Lime, but that may have been more realistic. Pear is yellow, which is even more confusing than the orange Apple. What next green Raspberries?

Tangerine and Lime
This has a good orange and lime jelly type flavour. This is my second favourite flavour, although it was the first I tried.

Tangerine and Pear
The pear is yellow! Did I mention that before? This has a mainly pear flavour with a bit of an orange taste. Not particularly my favourite, but better than the apple flavours.

Strawberry and Blackberry
This sweet tastes mainly of blackberry with a hint of strawberry. The two mixed together makes you want one or the other, but possibly not both at the same time.

Strawberry and Lime
This sweet tastes mainly of strawberry with a hint of lime aftertaste. This is my favourite so far and I'd be happy if the bag was full of these and NOTHING ELSE. It makes you think of a refreshing cocktail in a Caribbean bar somewhere hot.

Apple and Blackberry
These have a strong apple flavour with blackberry in the background. These gums are my least favourite so far. Did I mention I don't like the apple flavours?

Apple and Pear
Same colour as Tangerine and Pear. Tastes of apple mixed with a smidgen of orange. Just not keen on the apple ones! I got fed up of trying to find further Tangerine and Pear gums after being caught out a few times with these gums.

In conclusion, too many of these gums made me feel a bit sick. The colours are a bit confusing also. I wouldn't say these fruit flavoured gums are moreish, most of them made me want to bite them in half and eat one at a time. I'm not sure I was the best reviewer to judge these gums. Cinabar would vouch that I hate my food touching on a plate and mixing together. I know it's a weird Monk type thing, but mixing something like two different curry sauces together is my idea of food hell!

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