30 June 2010

Loopy Laces Juicy Strawberry flavour versus Power Pencils Juicy Strawberry Flavour (By Spectre)

Wham Sweets Foodstuff Fight – which one’s juicer?

These Loopy Laces may seem old hat, but I’ve been assured these are a new product to Wham. They certainly made my mouth water to start with, and were immediately moreish. They are like long red spaghetti and took at bit to unravel in the pack. I tried not to make too many sucking noises whilst getting them in my mouth, arousing odd looks for my work colleagues. It is hard to look suave and sophisticated whilst eating these. They taste like artificial strawberries, which aren’t a healthy feeling snack, but they are classed as sweets, rather than an actual strawberry, which kind of makes you forgive them. I was glad there were loads in the pack and once started wanted to keep eating them. The more laces you put in your mouth at the same time, the more juicer, and the less dignified! The first few laces gave me a nice juicy feeling, but WARNING; the whole pack might make you feel a bit sick. They end up tasting like strawberry flavoured rubber bands. Cinabar assures me they should be oversweet, not chemically. Now I know why our esteemed postmen / postwomen / postpeople / postpersons (oh heck… they’ll go on strike if I get that wrong!) discard them on the pavement so frivolously.
The Power Pencils are long pink pencil thin sticks with a white filling. I was a bit disappointed on opening the packet that they didn’t have a pointy end. Maybe Wham should call them sticks instead of pencils? Biting into a stick I felt less foolish eating them in the office, as I did with the messier-to-eat Loopy Laces. They have a mouth watering, fuller strawberry taste to them, unlike the chemical taste of the Laces. I enjoyed polishing off the pack of these, and didn’t feel slightly sick once. Although I thought the Loopy Laces were slightly juicer, the Power Pencils definitely have the edge on strawberry taste and easy eating technique. Although I didn’t run around the block after eating them, I felt the power in the pencils wake me up for the afternoon, which is a good thing when you’re bogged down with paperwork.
By Spectre

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