18 June 2010

Lindt Roasted Almonds (House of Fraser)

Chocolate with 'burnt' almond is a fantastic combination. Bournville used to make a version of it, but it is no longer available in this country sadly. When I spotted this Lindt bar I was convinced that it was going to be similar in flavour, but within seconds of biting in I realised my mistake, roasted and burnt are two very different things! The almonds within this bar taste just like regular almonds but are slightly more crunchy, burnt almonds are flavoursome and taste toasted. I’m not sure what the benefit of roasting the almonds in this way was, it didn’t enhance the taste, partially because the pieces are so small.
Having said that as an almond and dark chocolate bar, it is very tasty. As odd as it sounds I couldn’t find a percentage for the cocoa content, but would estimate it to be 60%. The dark bitter chocolate and nut flavours taste good together, but because nut pieces are little the chocolate does over power the nut a little. Now, if only the almonds had been 'burnt'...


  1. I was a bit underwhelmed by this bar, too - the almonds need more flavour as you say! In Australia, the chocolate in this is only 47%... I wonder if it's different in the UK?

  2. It is just really strange to me that Lindt haven't written a percentage on the bar.


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