3 June 2010

Doritos Red Pepper & Pepperoni Dip (Sainsbury’s)

No Nacho’s are complete without a decent helping of dip, and I usually pick up a jar of Doritos Salsa as a good condiment for them. Doritos have now bought out this new salsa style product, made with red pepper and pepperoni and I picked up this jar for a change, and also because it was labelled as ‘new’! ;-)
I like salsa, I do, I buy it often. This little jar of dip though was amazing, it seem to correct all the faults I hadn’t noticed that the regular salsa had. The sharp acidic taste is gone, and the tomato is softer and the red pepper adds a lovely vegetable flavour. There is a spicier taste, and each spice is easier to spot because the sharp onion isn’t there to overpower it. Finally the pepperoni adds a wonderful meatiness that I would never have though to add, but works really well. I really loved this stuff, and despite buying many jars of Salsa in the past, I consider myself converted! Yum!

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