14 June 2010

Terry’s [Smooth & Creamy] Milk Chocolate (99p Store)

Terry’s used to be a big brand of chocolate manufacturers here in the UK, but alas its stock seems to have reduced over the years and now comprise mainly of the Chocolate Orange range and the All Gold boxes. The reduction of items seems to have followed the closure of the site in York which occurred after the Kraft takeover. It was quite a surprise when one reader DavidH said that he had found a bar of regular milk chocolate from this company as this isn’t a readily available product, and then he very kindly sent me some too for me to try.
The chocolate is in a big bar, with lovely sweet aromas. The chocolate breaks easily, and isn’t overly brittle. It melts nicely on the tongue and seems to remain quite thick on the palette. There are nice rich flavours from the cocoa and a good hint of sweetness too, although this bar isn’t as creamy as Dairy Milk for example. I found the bar to be easy to eat, and the texture made it feel sort of soothing. A lovely bar of chocolate, and it would be lovely to see some more activity from the brand.
Dearest Kraft, please can we have some more Terry’s chocolate products? If you wanted to get onto the nostalgia bandwagon Terry’s Pyramint and Terry’s 1767 would be fantastic!
Also I can’t really finish this without a big thank you to DavidH for finding this bar, and for sending it – it’s much appreciated! :-)

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