10 June 2010

Adnam’s East Green Carbon Neutral Beer from the Coast [by Spectre] [Sole Bay Brewery] (Tesco)

This is a blonde beer we picked up in a supermarket in North Wales on holiday just outside of Caernarfon. What stole my eye from the start were the carbon friendly claims on the lighter weight bottle. Adnams are members of CRED-UK, for Carbon reduction and were the Carbon Trust Innovation Winner of 2007. The beer is brewed in a new carbon friendly brewery and the hops are grown nearby. On first taste I noticed how clean and fresh the beer tasted. It had an almost mineral water pure feel, with no bitterness, and no bite. At 4.3% volume you’d think it would have a slight kick at best. Whilst drinking this beer I felt like I was drinking something that was good for me, as well as for the environment. I can see this beer being at home in a spa. After relaxing in the steam room or sauna you could have a good swig before retiring to the Jacuzzi. Not sure it would go down in a working men’s pub though. “I’ll have a bottle of your finest Green Carbon Neutral, Darlin’. No, no a tall glass will do jolly nicely…”
by Spectre

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