7 June 2010

Nestle Kit Kat Pop Choc Yoghurt (Nisa)

I was really pleased to see some innovation from the Kit Kat brand for the UK market. I realise that there are a ridiculous amount of strangely flavoured Kit Kats available in Japan, but just seeing this new yoghurt on the shelves made me smile.
This is a ‘corner’ style yoghurt where you have one pot of plain yoghurt and one pot of something to tip into it. The yoghurt base if a rather lovely sweet creamy vanilla, it has a good flavour, and is nice and smooth.
The chocolate section consists of Kit Kat pieces made of small chocolate coated chunks. This essentially is the same as a product that used to be available here in the UK, and is still around in Europe called “Kit Kat Pop Choc”. Eaten individually these chocolates lack the firm Kit Kat texture. Despite all the ingredients being present, the specific Kit Kat crunch is missing. When you bite in, these are a little crispier overall and not as solid as a regular Kit Kat. Also the chocolate is pleasant but doesn’t taste exactly like Kit Kat chocolate, nice but I think a fraction sweeter. The product is supposed to be eaten together with the yoghurt and chocolate all at once. When mixed there was a definite taste of Kit Kat and I liked the chocolate pieces with the yoghurt. It was a tasty treat, and a rather yummy concoction, proving the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


Anonymous said...

Just had kit kat yoghurt. My husband, son and I really liked them. I think that nestle should make a bag of just the chocolate chunks. Would be really good.

cinabar said...

You can find the Kit Kat 'Pop Chocs' in the pound shops in the UK - they make them in Europe, and they get imported. They are indeed rather yum!