23 June 2010

Starburst Tongue Tangles (Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton)

I have an eye for the word ‘New’, and even on an evening out to the theatre I’m still looking. These caught my eye behind the bar, and having no intentions of being a theatre wrapper-rustler, I purchased them to take home.
The concept is that each sweet has a soft and chewy fruit flavour case with a sour sharp liquid fruit filling within. There are three varieties within the bag as follows:
  • Gold Wrapper – Banana and Mango: The outer case is a sweet and creamy natural banana taste, it has a good rich flavour. The inside is a surprisingly sour mango, full of zing and its taste blends well with the banana shell. Mango isn’t something I associate with sour, but it certainly delivers!
  • Purple Wrapper – Blueberry and Lemon: The outer part of this has a lovely sweet blueberry taste; it is rich and almost reminiscent of fruits of the forest. The lemon adds a good kick, with a lovely sharp biting taste. A fantastic combination!
  • Orange Wrapper – Apricot and Cherry: The apricot case is sweet and delicate, and does have a good natural flavour. As the shell is so delicate, it gives the cherry centre the opportunity to shine, and it does. Well by shine I mean, explode your taste buds! Surprisingly sour this one!
A lovely collection of fruit flavours, with a wonderful tangy surprise centre. The fruit flavours are carefully put together and all work really well. I thoroughly enjoyed the bag, and found them wonderfully moreish. I love having one, letting the sweetness sweep over me, waiting for that temptation to bite and the sharp zing that follows! Yum!

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