25 June 2010

Lindt Lindor: Stracciatella and Roulette Lait (Gardenland, Bridgnorth)

Although a garden centre may well be an unlikely setting for a Foodstuff Find, this particular one has a fabulous foodhall with an amazing range of goodies. Not only is it the only place within ten miles of my home from which you can purchase Nandos Hot Crisps and Mrs Bridges Honey Marmalade, it also has a Lindt Lindor Pick And Mix stand!!! Also, if you insist on such things from a garden centre, I can confirm they smell plants too!
Since my last visit to this garden centre the Lindt Lindor stand had gained two new colours, a pink packaged ‘Roulette Lait’ and a light blue ‘Stracciatella’.

Roulette Lait – This is a milk chocolate coated ball, covering a milk chocolate and hazelnut truffle with tiny pieces of crisped rice inside. The flavour is that of a rich dark chocolate hazelnut, with a lovely toasted flavour mixed in. The consistency is nice too, smooth from the truffle, and with the delicate texture from the pieces of crisped rice. They are small but I love their presence as it adds an enjoyable micro crunch.

Stracciatella – This is a white chocolate coated Lindor ball, with dark chocolate biscuit crumbs inside the white chocolate filling. The white chocolate truffle is the creamiest, tastiest white chocolate truffle ever. I know that Lindor signifies a thoroughly indulgent truffle, and this certainly lives up to that reputation. Its sweet white chocolate tones are just perfect, and melt in the mouth with a wonderful thick creamy texture. Heaven. The chocolate pieces are like crumbs of dark biscuit and just add a little hint of cocoa and texture. A very enjoyable chocolate!

Both new flavours are fantastic, as you would expect from this range from Lindt. The Roulette Lait and is filled with hazelnut goodness and flavour and a very clever texture. I have to take my hat off to the white chocolate Stracciatella Lindor too, it is a fantastic addition to the range, and in my favourites list!


amy said...

mmmm, these look SO good :)

cinabar said...

Never found a bad Lindor yet!!! I just love the Pick-N-Mix Stand... mmm...