4 June 2010

Clinkers Mini [Australia] (Cybercandy)

Cybercandy makes me weak; I cannot resist all the goodies from places far away. I saw this bag of chocolate coated sweets, each with a different flavour centre, and assumed they were an Australian version of Revels.
Unlike normal Revels these chocolates only have three different fruit centres and all of them are crunchy, with a honeycomb style centre.
The chocolate coating is of a decent thickness, and although nothing to get excited about on its own, delivers the necessary sweet and creamy cocoa goodness.
The three crunchy centres are:
  • Green - Lime, quite a sweet citrus taste, with a pleasant flavour.
  • Pink - Strawberry, not the most natural taste, but nice all the same!
  • Yellow - Pineapple, loved this one, good tropical taste. Why do we not get more pineapple flavoured choccies in the UK?
I really enjoyed the bag, but Revels still have the upper hand as they have a larger selection of flavours and textures mixed in the bag.


Paulham said...

Hahahaha! You know what clinkers are don't you?




cinabar said...

Now as I am sweet and innocent, that urban dictionary site is a bit of a revelation! :-0