11 June 2010

New McVities Digestives Medley Bars (Sainsbury’s)

Mcvities, famed for their lovely range of biscuits, have decided to branch out and enter the cereal bar market. I like my cereal bars, I eat one almost every day for breakfast with my morning coffee, so am always pleased to see a new variety on the shelves.
These particular bars are the Mcvities Digestive biscuit edition, but also contains hazelnuts, chocolate and cereals. They feel like quite a substantial bar when you are eating them, they are firm, with a varied texture, and sweet wholesome flavours. Each of the ingredients can be picked out nicely, the hazelnuts being a particularly nice treat. Over all each bar is sweet and tasty, and has the distinct taste of yummy Digestive biscuits through and through. The chocolate is at a nice level, very much present, but it doesn’t over power the other tastes. These are lovely, I will certainly get them again and I am on the lookout for the other Hobnobs variety – can’t wait!!!


Anonymous said...

I've just tried these & they are lovely.
I've tried other 'cereal bars' but not liked the taste, but these taste great. A mix between a biscuit & cereal.

GREAT JOB McVities!!

cinabar said...

It is a nice variation on the other bars available - love the biscuit flavour!