28 June 2010

Muller Greek Style Summer Fruits Corner Yoghurt (Sainsbury’s)

I do like Muller corner yoghurts, I always think that the yoghurt is particularly rich and creamy, and the selection of flavours is enough to satisfy anyone!
A new flavour in the range is always exciting, and this is actually a change in yoghurt rather than the fruit part. The new Muller range now has Greek Yoghurt in one corner, instead of the usual vanilla based yoghurt. I have to say when I tasted it separately it didn’t strike me as being that ‘Greek’. It was creamy, and it was fresh, and it was a seriously nice yoghurt, but I thought it was lacking that complex Greek flavour.
Having said that, it's a tasty pot of yoghurt, and the summer fruits added a wonderful raspberry and blackcurrant rich flavour that contrasted perfectly. I really enjoyed the pot, and it was definitely a different flavour to the usual vanilla, even if it didn’t quite meet my ‘Greek’ flavour expectations. Still yummy though, and I look forward to trying others in the range.

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