8 June 2010

Warburtons: Snack A Doodle Sweet Chilli [Wholegrain Snacks] (Nisa)

It is always nice to see new low fat snacks on the market, well it is if they manage to combine the wonders of healthy and tasty. These particular snacks are made from wholegrain, and in appearance remind me of Snack-A-Jacks, and in name too I guess, Snack-A-Doodle is similar in style to Snack-A-Jack.
I like the texture of these snacks, they are lightly crunchy and dissolve nicely in the mouth. Sadly I wasn’t so keen on the flavour. For a product to be labelled as ‘Sweet Chilli’ I would expect a decent full flavour and spice. Oddly they smelt nice, they had a salty, sweet aroma, but the taste seemed very muted to me. Even a direct lick didn’t show up much of a taste sensation. What did come through when eating these was the base flavour of ‘wheat’ and cereal, not sweet but sort of dull on the taste buds. Sadly they tasted ‘healthy’ and I know that they are indeed good for you, but would some extra chilli flakes and seasoning really have upped the calorie content that much?
I have other flavours of the new snacks from Warburton’s to try; I do hope I get on a little better with them.

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