5 June 2010

Wham: Tinglers - Tongue Tingling Belts [By Spectre] [Sour Multicolour]

I’ve long been a fan of sour sweets, since childhood in fact, which was only a couple of years ago. Okay, okay… more like twenty years, but it feels like yesterday and let’s face it, I don’t seem to have lost my baby fat. This pack has a number of short flat strips with raspberry, strawberry, lemon and lime colours prettily lined up against each other in each belt. I was really looking forward to munching on these and violently tore open the pack. Sugar bits flew all over my desk, which aroused some odd looks from my work colleagues. On putting the first one in my mouth a strong sour strawberry and raspberry combined flavour hit me to start with, and then I was left with a sour lemon and lime aftertaste. Sugar falls off pleasingly as you curl the flat belt into your mouth. There’s no particular sensual way to do this, as I found out when the attractive woman opposite me shielded her eyes from the sight. These belts really do make your tongue tingle. After several belts the sourness really kicks in and you feel your face starting to contort with every mouth full. These have to be one of my favourite sour sweets of all time. They are both easy and slightly messy to eat, which helps to bring the child out in you. They are tingly to the taste buds and moreish to the point of obsession. You seriously wouldn’t want to share them with a friend, or even an attractive woman. Well, maybe, just one belt… nah!
By Spectre


  1. These sound great, can I ask where you bought them from.

  2. We were sent them by the company, but I will ask for you and find out where they can be bought.

  3. These sound really good, love sour things.

  4. Yep - sour is good... some of the American sweets are too sour though. But the sour coated cherries you can get in pick and mixes are ace!


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