21 June 2010

Cadbury’s Coconut [Canada] (Cybercandy)

Now it is hard to proceed with this write-up without mentioning the similarities with this bar and that of a UK Bounty bar. This bar comes from Canada, where I assume it doesn’t have to directly compete with the Bounty bar.
Inside the wrapper are three mini bars of chocolate coconut goodness. The coconut section of each bar is full of flavour, with a good sweet coconut taste. The texture is soft, but the grated coconut gives it a bit of substance. I like the flavour of the centre; it was similar to that of the Bounty, but a little sweeter to my taste buds.
Being Cadbury I would have thought that the chocolate covering would have been where this bar excelled. Sadly, although a very nice coating of milk chocolate was present, it was just a little too thin to give that full Cadbury’s taste.
So what we have here is a tasty coconut bar, which is undeniably decent, but I find myself preferring the more accessible Bounty bar. If I didn’t have easy access to Bounty bars I’m sure I would be going back to Cybercandy for more of these, but as it is I think I will be purchasing some of Cybercandy’s more curious offerings on future visits instead.


Tara said...

I'm Canadian, and actually we do have the Bounty bar here. This Cadbury Coconut one is fairly new here. I'm not a fan of coconut but Bounty is my mum's favourite.

Anonymous said...

Another Canadian here. Actually, the Coconut bar was part of the Neilsen line(Sweet Marie, Jersey Milk, Malted Milk, Crispy Crunch, Maraschino Cherry, Maple Buds, Treasures, etc.) and has been around for a long time (at least the 50's). The Bounty bar is the newcomer. In addition to the bar, they are also available in 100 gram boxes (under the Willopak label) and in bulk. The Neilsen line has been relabeled Cadbury; the chocolate tends to be both sweeter and lighter than its Dairy Milk counterpart.

cinabar said...

I'm surprised that it has Bounty to compete with. The cadbury one is a nice bar, but I think Bounty has the edge.

Thanks for all the info Anon - appreciate it. Which of the two bars do you prefer?

Anonymous said...

I'm a Cadbury fan. I have to confess that my mother is Irish, so we grew up on Cadbury, Rowntree, etc. Although there is a bit of a sugary grit in the Cadbury bar, I prefer the chocolate. There is a third competitor, which is the Hershey/Peter Paul Mounds bar, which suffers from Hershey chocolate.

Of course, being brought up on Brit fare, the real challenge isn't the coconut bars, but the Turkish Delight (Fry's is an import, and it's competition is Hershey's Big Turk; honestly, night and day)

Unknown said...

Tara: The Cadbury's coconut bar was here way before the Bounty bar made an appearance.(different brand at one time)

To this day I much prefer the Cadbury's version.

gerry said...

bounty always been in canada and never saw that coconut branded one and i'm 35

Anonymous said...

I'm a 59 yr old Canadian, and up until about 10 years ago, I had been eating the Coconut bar since I've had teeth. The Bounty bar came later.