16 June 2010

Turkish Delight Dessert [New] (Marks and Spencer)

I spotted this fine dessert in M&S while trying to find a low fat treat. This was not in the healthy section, but it did distract me – and then shout ‘buy me’ at me... so I caved in and made the purchase.
I was just so surprised to see a Turkish Delight flavour pudding that I really couldn’t resist.
It smelt beautiful when I opened it, full of sweet chocolate and floral tones, and very appealing. The chocolate fondant layer on top was surprisingly good. It had a lovely rich clean cocoa flavour, which was sweet and full bodied, but wonderfully smooth. I found that it was surprisingly dark in taste, and much surpassed my expectations.
The jelly is that of a lovely sweet rose flavour, although milder than the pure filling of an actual Turkish Delight bar. It went rather well with the chocolate fondant topping, and the combination of flavours did recreate the taste you would expect from the chocolate bar. One thing though, the pot is quite generous, and by the end of it I felt my taste buds were in overload from the richness. As lovely as it was, it is one of those desserts that I think less is more.


Anonymous said...

Being Italian I can hardly find anything you talk about, but I have just discovered you blog and I LOVE IT!
I also love trying new stuff and I think I'll be a loyal follower =)
XX Sara!

Unknown said...

More M&S dessert reviews please :D They have a whole new range don't they. It would be great to see you review a few more.

SilentAngel said...

Oh my gosh, this one looks so yummy. I often ate the cadbury turkish delight bar and love it. I totally agree with Jim that u should show some more M&S dessert cause i have to know what to try when i am in London next time ;)

cinabar said...

Sara - so glad you are enjoying the blog! Love finding new items!

SilentAngel/Jim - I just bought another couple of desserts in this range to try - reviews will be up very soon! They look yum!

Anonymous said...

I just had one of these, absolutely yummy, but I am a Turkish Delight addict anyway.

cinabar said...

Have you tried the Cadbury Turkish biscuits? They are also rather tasty!


Matt said...

They've stopped selling this... I'm so upset :(