22 June 2010

Lemon Sherbet Dessert [New] (Marks and Spencer)

Following on from last week’s Turkish Delight Dessert review, I have had a few requests to write about other items in the range. Next up then for me to try is the Lemon Sherbet Dessert, consisting of a layer of lemon sauce topped with a layer of lemon mousse. It is trying to mimic the popular UK hard boiled Lemon Sherbet sweets, which have a zingy sherbet centre.
This pudding is nicely presented, and the top layer of lemon mousse is sprinkled with a pretty dusting of icing sugar. The mousse itself has a lovely sweet lemon flavour that is rather refreshing, but still sweet. The texture of the mousse is very fluffy, light and creamy, dissolving effortlessly in the mouth.
Underneath this is a layer of lemon sauce. The packaging labels it as “super sour” but you’ll forgive me for assuming that an M&S “super sour” product would be simply “flavoursome”. I was wrong. Oh my, they outdid themselves; it is impressively zingy and sharp. It will make all your taste buds stand on end!!! Wow!!
In short - I loved it, I’m just so impressed by the wonderful tangy lemon taste, it’s gorgeous, especially in conjunction with the lemon mousse. Absolutely loving the new M&S puddings, can’t wait to try the others too!


Unknown said...

Sounds great Cin brilliant review. I'm also a fan of citrus desserts like this. Have you seen any of the new cheesecake flavours that M&S are doing? I think they have a new coffee flavoured one. It would be great to hear your opinion on that.

cinabar said...

I was rather impressed by the zing in this dessert - tasty!

Will have another look around M&S at the weekend, see if I can find that coffee cheese cake - sounds yum! Thanks for the tip :-)