17 June 2010

Warburtons: Chippidy DooDaa Chilli Jack [Pitta Chips] (Nisa)

Now I’m not going to pretend that I loved the Warburton’s Snack-A-Doodle snacks that I tried last week. I thought they were a little dull on my taste buds and found the flavour a bit muted and, dare I say it, healthy. I purchased these Pitta Chips at the same time and felt that I should stop putting off their inevitable testing.
All the flavour missing from the Snack-A-Doodles has definitely been hiding in this Chippidy DooDaa bag. My word these products have strange names! The Chippidy DooDaas are absolutely full of flavour, a wonderful sweet paprika taste and a decent hit of chilli too, they are very tasty. The crunchy base is nice, and the underlying taste reminded me of French Toast. Although it is hard to distinguish the base taste from the heat of the chilli, what a fab full flavour! I’m so pleased to find a product marked as containing chilli that actually has some heat , they are the complete opposite to the Sweet Chilli Snack-A-Doodles, which is a good thing if you like a chilli burn.
Okay, so now I’m tempted to see what other options are in the new Warburtons range!


tooly228 said...

Hey nice website,

If you ever want me to send you items from Canada, feel free to contact me via email. We've got lots of products here that you probably don't have and vice-versa.

cinabar said...

So glad you like the site! Do you fancy doing a bit of a swap?

My email is at the top of each page... I tried, but I can't find yours :-(