20 June 2010

Bahlsen - Hit Cocoa Creme {by @Nli10} (Asda)

I take biscuits to work. It's not an altruistic act, I eat most of them and while lots of people share them I do feel I get good value in return cakes and snacks other people bring in. Occasionally something odd happens though and a particular brand or snack captures people's mood perfectly and is destroyed in record time.

These Bahlsen Hit certainly fall into that category. Essentially they are slightly puffy wafer style biscuits (like you'd have with cheese, only sweeter) with a Nutella style spread in between. They are very tasty, crumble perfectly on biting and have the added side effect that they feel as if they are not that fattening. Or so I am told by the females that ate them.

Bahlsen came to my attention as they are one of the many European manufacturers that do the Choco Leibniz biscuits where the buttery biscuit has choc that sticks out on all four sides. These have a similar flavour really, but with the focus on the wafer biscuit rather than the spread. Added to the nice flavour is the fact that you can easily eat a couple due to their lightness and you have a dangerous snack.

The break room easily worked its way through the entire packet pictured in one 15 min break and I had to rescue the rest to add to my squirrel stash for my own sampling. Also I have subsequently seen these and similar biscuits brought in by others for sharing too so I think the style is catching on for other brands too. I will try to get hold of one of the less premium brands to see how they stack up.
by @Nli10


Ana said...

They are some of the finest sandwich biscuits I've ever tried.

cinabar said...

choccieman - maxibon as in the ice cream? haven't had that for years!

Ana - glad you like them too :-)

NLi10 said...

Didn't know about the Tesco version - must get to take to work!

Asda are great for 'finds' I live in the wrold foods aisle!