9 June 2010

Loacker Coconut Wafer Biscuits (Waitrose)

I love the foreign goodies that make their way into Waitrose, I do love finding things I can’t get elsewhere. These biscuit originate from Italy and consist of light and crispy wafers which give way easily when bitten. They have a wonderful thick creamy coconut filling, and further coconut flavour is added by the desiccated coconut covering the outside. Which reminds me, these biscuits are dangerous, the coconut topping creates a snowfall wherever it goes! I ended up with a tissue close to hand to avoid getting it everywhere!
The chocolate on the biscuits is thin but of a very good quality and compliments the creamy rich filling perfectly. They sort of melt when you bite them, and coconut fans will be in heaven. The only negative thing I have to add is that there aren’t very many in the box. They are in layers of one, and spread out inside the packaging, but there doesn’t seem to be many for your money. I’m torn though because despite this, I loved the biscuits and will probably repurchase.

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Ana said...

I know these very well, really nice wafers :D