29 June 2010

‘Pop Choc’ in Kit Kat and Lion Bar Varieties (99p Store)

Earlier in the month I found Kit Kat Pop Choc Yoghurt, and mentioned that the Kit Kat Pop Chocs that its made with are from a sharing bag of Kit Kat pieces available in Europe. I was wondering around the pound shops and sitting on a shelf in front of me was this, the actual Kit Kat Pop Chocs I was referring to, and next to them Lion Bar Pop Chocs too!
Obviously I was excited to find them, and when I got home I ripped the top of the bag open (following the indents showing me where to rip). Sadly this did not open the bag! It was still perfectly sealed, so I had to intervene with scissors. I hate packets that don’t work, but I’ll forgive them if the chocolate is good!

Kit Kat Pop Choc

These consist of a small ball of Kit Kat flavour chocolate with a lovely crisp light wafer crunch. They are sweet and easy to eat, and I felt a better flavour than those in the yoghurt, but this may be due to the fact I was eating these ones straight. They certainly are easy to munch on, and get my thumbs up! A good Kit Kat sharing experience.

Lion Bar Pop Choc

These confused me for a moment when I first saw them, because these chocolate have spots, which is not something you see every day! Full size Lion Bars are bobbly, so I guess when you mimic that in miniature the easiest thing is spots! Should these be leopard pop chocs though because of it?
Each chocolate has similar flavour to proper Lion Bar chocolate and this time the crunch is provided by crispies which is rather nice. What was missing from the Lion Bar experience was that lovely caramel to add a little chew, but all in all these are very nice chocolates.

I really don’t know why these aren’t on standard release in the UK. The sharing bags are really popular at the minute, and so are Kit Kats so it strikes me they would sell like hot cakes, even at a premium price in expensive newsagents. They are lovely chocs and well worth hunting down in the import / discount shops.


KayDude said...

Yeah exact same thoughts, why are these not on general UK sale, it baffles me. I have known of these 'pop chocs' for a long time because I'm always around Europe traveling, and I like them so much that I always bring like 10 bags with me back every time. Like you I found the yogurts at Sainsbury's a couple of months ago and I freaked out, bought like a million just for the pop chocs (I hate yogurt). But then last week I saw them at the poundland and I was like no way, bought plenty. Went back yesterday and couldnt find any. I hate to think that I'm at the mercy of pound shops!

cinabar said...

Well from other brands we've had Crunchie Rocks, Cadbury's Clusters, Galaxy Counters etc all in sharing bags. Christmas is coming - surely the market and season are right for these Pop Chocs to go on general release... *my fingers are crossed*

But yes in the meantime all we have is the poundshops. I have seen them in The 99p Store and Poundland so its just a matter of keeping or eyes open, and stocking up when we get the chance. :-)