6 June 2010

Lightning Bugs - Cyber Candy (by Nli10)

Grown up birthdays are hard. Everyone has their own money and better ideas of what they actually want so to avoid spending lots on something disappointing I tend to give cash or vouchers. This is a little impersonal though so a little novelty gift is also required to indicate that I did try to think of something but failed. This is where these lightning bug sweets come in. They are just a bag of typical jelly sweets. Very nice ones as it turns out, soft and squidgy. The important thing is the plastic tweezers. These have a little battery and two led lights which cause the sweets to light up as you pick them up. This adds a lot to the experience and we were talking about how great it would be at Halloween to give out glowing sweets to visiting children. Over all these are well worth the inflated price for the few sweets you get and you can reuse the tweezers with future jelly sweets.
By Nli10

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