24 June 2010

Mr Kipling Neapolitan Bakewells (Morrison’s)

I have previously written about Raspberry Ripple Slices and Tutti Fruitti pies, this is the last of the ice cream themed Kipling creations.
Like the ice cream, there are three predominate flavours in these Bakewells, a bright pink strawberry icing, a soft vanilla sponge and a layer of chocolate sauce. There is also an extra cube of chocolate icing neatly decorating the top of the cake. These three flavours combine, like the ice cream, to give a very sweet wonderful taste concoction. The strawberry icing is definitely the main flavour, with the chocolate flavour following through, and the vanilla sponge adding just a hint of sweetness at the end. The pastry is good too; soft full flavoured and easy to eat, but I’d expect nothing less from Mr Kipling!
All in all a very pleasant cake, and good for those with a sweet tooth. They are bright and pretty, and I think these would go down wonderfully well at a Summer children’s birthday party.


Dreich said...

I tried these a few weeks ago, I wasn't particularly keen on them but there's nothing totally wrong with them.

cinabar said...

Did you try any of the other items in the range? My fave were the Raspberry Ripple slices.

LittleMax said...

I've tried these and found them to be very sickly sweet. I think you need to have a very sweet tooth to enjoy them. I'll be sticking with cherry bakewells!

Anonymous said...

I had the misfortune of trying one of these yesterday and I can honestly say they were some of the worst examples of cake making I have every tasted.

They smelt of sickly sweet chemicals and tasted exactly like a mass produced Neapolitan ice cream. I.e. a sickly sweet chemical mush.

cinabar said...

I do agree that they are rather sweet - but I see it wasn't your thing ;-D